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News 1. longer exists. Sadly the home to Club Rocket and Retro-Rocket Creations had to close. However, you made it to the new home of Club Rocket and Retro-Rocket Creations. We are glad you are here.

News 2. Tell your friends!

Whenever there is a change or a move it often confuses and bedazzles us. Give the new link to your friends, post it in Google+, facebook, twitter, pinterest, whatever you use and wherever you post.


News 3. Google+ me

This is the Google+ link to ClubRocket on Google+

Please feel free to check it frequently to leave your comments, suggestions, and add us to your circles.

Also we have a Google Group by the same name. It is HERE 

Come by the Google group if you don't find anyone in chat, there is always something of interest to read there.

News 4. RAN No More

If you were expecting to find the chatter known as RANWoman (RAN for short), here at Club Rocket, she is gone. I buried her in the back yard with some dog bones and an old sock. 

News 5. Your News

As Club Rocket Members you will enjoy the ability to have your news posted right here for the rest of the club (and the world) to see and be notified of your news. Contact RocketWolf to have your info posted here.

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