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Chat with us

Thanks for coming to chat. We can't wait for you to get started, so we are offering two types of chat to choose from. The first is a general chat for everyday people looking to have fun and chat with people from around the World - Minnit-chat (Click the bold text to go now) or from the Chat drop down menu above choose Minnit-Chat.

The other chat is for a more geeky type person or even someone just brand new to Linux Mint who needs support or wanting to pick up a few tips and tricks or learn something about linux - LinuxMint-Chat and LinuxMint-Help. After you enter a nickname to chat with, you will be in the default chat room labelled #linuxmint-help. You can change to #linuxmin-chat (a general chat environment) by typing into the chat window: /j #linuxmint-chat

Thanks for visiting Club Rocket Chat.

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